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Established in California, in 1988

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champagne glass copas para champagne No. 8116 Clear
Price: $4.50 Dozen plus shipping
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Description: 5.25" plastic champagne glass or margarita glass
copas de champage plasticas para fiestas
Colors: Clear

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champagne glass copas plasticas para fiestas No. 1683 Clear
Price: $4.95 Dozen plus shipping
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Description: 6.5" plastic champagne glass Colors: Clear





platic plates platos plasticos para fiestas

No. 1211 12" Plastic plate
Platos plasticos para fiestas
Price: $18.90 Dozen plus freight
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Description: 12" Plastic plate - Plato plastico
Colors: Clear
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Established in California, in 1988

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